Web App Development

Development of custom web based applications & systems (web apps)

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design - logos, website graphics, marketing artwork

Professional, high quality graphic design services

Zaziork Web Solutions - Specialising in providing powerful, robust, reliable & secure Open Source web & information technology solutions.

ZWS specialises in developing, provisioning and supporting Open Source (FOSS) software solutions to small and medium sized businesses, 'startup' enterprises, public and charitable organisations, and individuals.

The following services are offered:

  • Software engineering & development services
    (including Python programming; GTK GUI development;
    Django development; PHP coding; Javascript scripting)

  • Professional, custom website design, development
    & support

  • CMS provision, customisation & support (WordPress,
    WooCommerce, OpenCart, Discourse forums, Drupal)

  • Hosted cloud services provision & support (including
    NextCloud, MatterMost, RocketChat, Mumble)

  • Professional graphic design

  • Linux & BSD administration & consultancy

  • Technical support & consultancy services

With Free & Open Source software, you own the code - code which is in many cases superior to proprietary alternatives - therefore you can run your business secure in the knowledge that the rug will not be pulled from beneath your feet when a vendor decides to withdraw, change, or up the cost of your software. With much of the world's key infrastructure running on Open Source technology - including the vast majority of internet infrastructure, research systems, supercomputers, government systems and countless other use-cases, choosing to build your business around Open Source software represents a prudent and far-sighted decision.

A growing number of businesses are deciding to migrate away from expensive, proprietary software, services and infrastructure to these economical, customisable, reliable and secure Open Source alternatives. We offer consultation and practical support in making that transition. We also offer ongoing support and maintenance services once the migration is complete.

Currently based in Moray (Scotland), we have provided services to companies right across the UK, from London and Sussex in the south east, to Aberdeen and Elgin.

On the web side of things, we seek to offer tailored, high quality web development and internet services.

Whether we’re working with small businesses to build their first website, or maintaining large, established e-commerce platforms, we approach each project with a commitment to providing a high quality of service and to ‘getting the job done’.

The business currently consists of one permanent full-time consultant – the proprietor, Dan Bright, and is occasionally supported by other trusted professionals on a freelance basis. We also work with a professional design agency when appropriate.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions about the services we offer.